GET TOGEHTER – Ein Integrationsprojekt


In cooperation with the agency Scholz & Volker (Wiesbaden) and the refugee association Verami e.V. (Wiesbaden), we, a group of Media & Design Management students, have developed a concept for the better integration of refugees. The starting point is a homepage that lists all relevant dates and information. A visual design of the site is planned by the children and adolescents, who come together in the association, with the claim to strengthen the affiliation. A translation into different languages is still planned, as well as an intranet area, which serves as an exchange platform for all persons involved.
The concept of our project group was selected for further implementation.

Approach of conceptual elaboration:

– Briefing from the agency Scholz and Volkmer
– Thematic exploration of the topic (using various creativity techniques such as „Brain Dump“ and „Around The Table“)
– Analysis of the target group & highlighting user needs
– Conceptual elaboration: Content communication, actions, medium & features
– Design concept
–  Prototyping
– Presentation

Following contents:

– Timeline
– Making-off video
– Excerpts of the final presentation