When the Cardistry Artist „AEY CATCHER“ approached me asking fo a logo design as well as a design for a card game deck I was like „Yeah! Sure! Let’s do it.“ I had no idea about Cardistry at that time so we started off with a long chat of what is behind it all, what his aim was and where we could head to.

Since this project was not just about creating a nice design but building a brand „AEY CATCHER“ we proceeded answering the following questions:

– How does the artist see himself and how can we capture this in the Logo?
– What is the need of a card deck for cardistry artists? Which functional and visional benefits does a deck need to fulfill?
– How can we establish a unique look?
– What additional products can be created to build up a strong Corporate Identity?

So what did we do in the end?
The artist has a pretty strong forward thinking, a huge ambition and a clear mindset. Therefore it was important to create a logo that is simple but strong at the same time. And it must be so reduced that it can easily be integrated into varying designs. Because, even though we started off with one deck (which is with a slight rework now available in tow colours) we don’t want to stop! Just after airing the second edition we started thinking about the next edition.
Next think that was important to not do anything thats alike existing card decks. AEY CATCHER new that he wanted to feature different cardistry artists. So one big criteria was to develop a deck people recognise easily.
And for me, what was my personal ambition? I wanted to do a nice typo focussed design.

So here we go. Please check out what we created together and is so nicely promoted by AEY CATCHER:







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